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"I think it would make for a swell gag gift and that you and your loved one can have huge fun playing the game."

--comics writer Tony Isabella, Tony Isabella's Bloggy Thing


What are The Most ADJECTIVEâ„¢ Comics Ever?

Blank sampleIt's a great new creative comical comics game! By filling in blanks (an ADJECTIVE here, a NOUN there, perhaps a BODY PART) without seeing the context first, you create silly dialog for some of the wackiest comics ever. Each one-to-three page comic book story has plenty of these marked blanks for you to fill in.

Playing with friends

Picture of comics panel with words filled inOne player reads off the word type noted in each blank ("Okay, I need an adverb... now a number... now a movie star...") and fills in the answers that the other players call out. In a few minutes, you have a completed story for all to share and enjoy!

Playing solo

In the back of the book, there's a form sheet for each story with all of the word types listed. That way, you can choose your own words without seeing where they go, then copy them into the story to see the hilarious results!

form sample(The form is also good for playing with someone else when you have to do so in a quiet environment. By passing the form to your friend to fill out, the other folks in the monastery won't be disturbed... assuming you can surpress the giggles from reading the results.)


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